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Imajewels - Mechwarrior Push Tokens

Imajewels - Mechwarrior Push Tokens

Enhance any Mechwarrior game experience with this set of 16 eye-popping Imajewels. Use them to track unit actions and movement. These Imajewels are perfect for identifying areas and objects you control such as a flag that your opponents are trying to capture - or maybe even that mech you just hijacked! Each Imajewel contains the main logo of each faction. Eight stones are on Green felt and eight are on Red felt, making it easy to identify which push tokens were placed last turn vs. this turn. The battle is nigh and you are ready to take to the field. Make sure when you get there that your eye is keen, your arm is strong, and that you have a fistful of Mechwarrior Imajewels!

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