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CAV - Borsig-Spline

CAV - Borsig-Spline

In 2124, Dr. Adriene Borsig founded Borsig, Inc., a Breonne, Avalorr company that concentrated on manufacturing optics for precision medical equipment. Over the years, Dr. Borsig continued developing new products, including industrial and military optical applications. His most significant advancement was the one he patented in 2036: the Gargoyle 600-W Optic Cylinder, a high-quality optical cable capable of withstanding the extreme heat, cold, and pressures of space travel. This optical cable, which is still in high demand today, permitted starship manufacturers to build bigger, faster ships capable of many low-maintenance years of life. Spline Flow Optics provided optical equipment and supplies to the galaxy. By the time the 2170's drew to a close it had also become a major developer of computer systems and networks. In 2179, Borsig purchased a three-quarter interest in Spline Flow Optics and merged the two corporations into Borsig-Spline Optics. The company was reorganized into a UCOR in 2187 to develop a complex organization encompassing all aspects of its target industries, from raw material to finished product. The organization spread throughout the galaxy. In 2203, Borsig-Spline became one of the first UCOR's of the Adon Economic Community (AEC). When the new governing organization was formed, the company immediately rechartered itself with the freshly born AEC, lending the fledgling group a much-needed legitimacy. After all, if the UCOR's of AEC's original member states had decided to jump ship and declare themselves entirely independent, the new pan-national group would have quickly folded from lack of economic support. Today Borsig-Spline Equipment ranks among the ten largest UCOR's in the galaxy. Borsig-Spline Equipment, its affiliates, and its joint ventures now have more than 400 manufacturing and laboratory facilities in the galaxy. Although not directly involved in any of the major conflicts of the modern era, Borsig-Spline still maintains one of the sharpest defense forces in known space. These soldiers and equipment are often seconded out to AEC, so Borsig-Spline forces have seen action in each of the recent galactic flare-ups, including the Galaxy War.

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