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Quintessential Collector Series (d20)

Quintessential Collector Series (d20)

Known as the Collector's Series for their high quality covers, the Quintessential books form the most popular D20 series ever published by an independent publisher. The Quintessentials are essentially toolkits for players and are jam-packed full of 'cool' things for characters to do. Far more than mere collections of feats and prestige classes, each Quintessential gets deep into every individual character class and race, allowing you to do things you never thought possible before. Set your own mine system in Quintessential Dwarf, engage in Wild Magic with Quintessential Elf II or construct your own Thieves Guild with Quintessential Rogue - all this and far more is possible with the Quintessential books. There is a Quintessential book for every class and race in fantasy D20 games.

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