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Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games was founded in 1980 by (no surprise here) Steve Jackson. We now publish books, games and magazines for game fans.

Our best-known games include GURPS, the "Generic Universal RolePlaying System"; Munchkin, the irreverent game of dungeon crawling; Chez Geek, the game of apartment life; INWO, the trading card game of world domination; the original Illuminati game on which INWO was based; Car Wars, about battle on the highways; and OGRE, the classic simulation of future war. We've released a lot of other games, too . . . too many to list right here.

We publish Pyramid Magazine, which covers "The Best In Gaming" in all genres and from all publishers.

»  Art Books (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Board & Card Games (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Car Wars
»  Car Wars - Autoduel Quarterly Magazine
»  Cardboard Heroes
»  Catalogs (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Chez
»  Cthulhu Dice Game (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Cthulhu Foam Dice (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Dino Hut Dice Game
»  Evil Stevie's Toys
»  Fantasy Gamer Magazine
»  Frag
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Core & Assorted
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Deadlands
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Fantasy
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Space
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Supers
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Transhuman Space
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - Traveller
»  GURPS (1st-3rd Edition) - World War II
»  GURPS (4th Edition) - Core & Assorted
»  GURPS (4th Edition) - Traveller
»  Hellboy
»  Illuminati
»  Illuminati - New World Order
»  In Nomine
»  Killer
»  Miniatures (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Miscellaneous (Steve Jackson Games)
»  Munchkin - Bites, Booty, & Other Offshoot Games
»  Munchkin - Booster Packs
»  Munchkin - Core Game & Expansions
»  Munchkin - Dice, Counters & Other Accessories
»  Munchkin - Promo Bookmarks & Cards
»  Munchkin Cthulhu
»  Munchkin Dice & Bag
»  Munchkin Quest
»  Munchkin RPG (d20)
»  Ogre (1st-5th Edition)
»  Ogre (6th Edition)
»  Ogre Miniatures (1:285) (T-Rex Miniatures)
»  Pyramid Magazine
»  Roleplayer Magazine
»  Space Gamer Magazine (Various Publishers)
»  Toon
»  Where We're Going - Trade News From Steve Jackson Games