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Magpie Games

Magpie Games, founded in early 2011 by Mark Truman and Marissa Kelly, hopes to inspire a new generation of roleplayers to create emotional, expansive stories spanning a wide variety of genres and styles. They are focused on designing, developing, and publishing games that give players tools to build amazing worlds and tell stories that are both eclectic and moving. In their experience, nothing rivals the moment when the line between player and character is blurred, and everything fantastic becomes real. Computer and console games like World of Warcraft and Dragon Age have become engaging and rewarding roleplaying experiences that are accessible and easy to use. We realize that tabletop games have to offer something different and unique to attract new players. Gaming is a bigger part of their culture than it ever has been before, and they hope to create games that draw new people into the pen and paper community, sparking new stories, new experiences, and most of all new gaming groups. Their first game, The Play’s The Thing, had a successful Kickstarter and was released in 2011. They’ve followed it up with Our Last Best Hope in 2012, and they’ve worked on published other successfully Kickstarted RPGs such as Urban Shadows and several projects for John Wick. They’ve put out seven issues of the Fate Codex, and an ashcan version of their upcoming game, Epyllion. And in 2014, they brought on another team member, Brendan Conway, to support Magpie Games as they take on more and bigger projects in the future.

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