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Edgar Ramos, he’s an Art Student from Bilbao. He started sculpting miniatures in 2002, for Sacredblade miniatures, since then they have worked for many other companies, Wyrd miniatures, Dark age, Privateer press and many others you can see in his gallery. Lover of the fantasy worlds and of every Post apocalyptic stuff (Mad Max, Fallout, Stalker...), he likes trying new experiences, that's why he decided start my line of miniatures, where he can design the stuff he likes, from the tinniest part of the website to the last miniature on the range, he hopes you enjoy his work in the same way he does.

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Berserker Goblin


Ciborg Bust

Himmlich & Bonecrusher

Massive Mutant

Mutant Leader


Scavenger #1

Scavenger #2

Scavenger Leader

Scavenger Leader #1

Serious Joe

Toxic Jester

Vampire - Female

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