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At Geektopia Games, we love board and tabletop games. We play them. We write about them. We create them. We share them on social media, and among each other. We want to share them with you. We especially love to take games and expand them and add on to them. is a tabletop game site featuring board game reviews, content for Star Wars Epic Duels and other titles, guides to upgrading your games, plus our own original tabletop games and some of the guides to go along with that. What started out originally as back in 2004 or 2005 or so, was originally a site for Epic Duels only. Shortly after this period, Roman met up with the 1670 group, which was strictly a Star Wars Miniatures group at the time. As interest in SWM waned, the 1670 group started really getting into the board gaming hobby, exploring multiple new titles every session. Roman started sending emails to his Geektopia friends and others about those gaming sessions, and figured that he might as well take some photos of them and include it all in a blog by expanding the Epic Duels content site to a more general gaming blog. We like games that are heavy on theme and what I call “do-something-ability,” games where you do something like build a dinosaur theme park, explore the galaxy or at least, slay some monsters as opposed to just spinning around a board. If you want to learn more about our origins, you can here. In 2018, the same people behind the site formed Geektopia Games, a startup board game publisher, featuring the talents of Dave (the other blogger), Ian, Docmogs and of course, Roman (John, if you must know).

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Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game

By: Geektopia Games

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Product Line: Board Games (Geektopia Games)

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