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9th Level Games

Deep in the uncharted suburban wastelands of Norristown, PA lies 9TH LEVEL GAMES - the heroic (if sophomoric) creators of such fine products as Kobolds Ate My Baby! and Ninja Burger! The Role-Playing Game. A few years ago, over a few (too many) pints, Dan Landis and Chris O'Neill made a bet with a friend that they could make a role-playing game about kobolds. A few years later, 9th Level Games is still kickin' and making bad jokes. 9th Level Games is dedicated to that feeling you got the first time you picked up a twenty-sided die and killed your first carrion crawler! Our games might be childish. They might be silly. They might be a waste of time and money. But we guarantee they will be always be FUN!

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Schrodinger's Cats

Knuckle Sammich




Burger Tech

Burn Baby Burn



Kobold! - The Charades

Mazes ZineQuest 2


Rules Lawyer

Very Kobold X-mas!, A


Volcano A-Go-Go

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