Uncharted Seas, The - Iron Dwarves (1:600)

This stalwart race is everything you would expect: short, fierce, shuns magic and has mastered the world of engineering. Having harnessed steam power the Dwarf Guilds quickly set about exploring and was the first race to send out fleets from the Old Kingdom, in search of new lands and riches to the West. Iron Dwarves are loners, choosing to shun most races in favor of their own kind. When they found the new world they settled a large land mass to the North East, naming it Karneia and in true Dwarven style they started to establish military bases on and around this land. Soon bases were to be found far to the west on a large island the Dwarves named Demaros. The Ironclad ships of the Dwarf world make them ideal for combat, their angular bodies able to deflect enemy weapons fire. However, it is the harnessing of black powder to hurl massive explosive projectiles through the air that makes these ships truly awe inspiring during a fight. These small warriors are not happy to simply wage war on the seas though. Above and below are also the dominion of this race as Airships and Submersible Machines add to the military arsenal of a Dwarven Fleet.

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