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Uncharted Seas, The - Dragon Lords (1:600)

Some believe the Dragon Lords were the first born Elf lords who dominated the younger races of the Old World for thousands of years, their reign only ending when the Elves fought amongst themselves and cast out the vilest of their own kind. Also believed to be immortal, legends claim that the Dragon Lords are themselves the reincarnated souls of the long dead dragons that first walked the world. Magic is deep rooted within the heart of the Dragon Lord race and as a result of this their projectile weaponry is made even more deadly. Dragon Lords are a fierce fighting force and in battle their hearts are filled with a darkness that consumes their foes. With the arrival of the Old World races in their dominion, the Dragon Lords have mobilized for war, hell bent on pushing the ‘invaders’ out of The Uncharted Lands. Dragon Lord vessels are magical machines, hewn from the living wood of ancient trees and forged with dragon hide to magically propel the ships along. Fierce fighters, the Dragon Lords rely upon magic to power their ship-born weaponry and powerful Magi draw upon the very elements themselves to protect their fleets.

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