Tales of Gaea

Tales of Gaea is a journey via the role-playing experience. Gaea is a world where magic has grown along side logic and the needs of the people who use it. Magic serves the people of Gaea much the same way science serves the people of earth. In other words, Gaea is a world where the "laws of magic" have supplanted the "laws of science". For instance, all magic on Gaea conserves energy or channels power from another source while the mage/cleric/mystic gives it form. Here is a world where many cultures are represented from the familiar to the bizarre. These many cultures live in close proximity and this often leads to clashes in war and trade while allowing many blendings of the different ideologies. This creates a world where elves, dwarves, humans, solaan-lesthra, kolba, orcs, gnomes and many other races compete for material and space. Often the conflicts will spill over from one race to another and sometimes it is internal.

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