Science Fiction Buildings (28mm)

The products in this line are made from resin or drystone. The description for each product will state what it is made of. Resin is a polyurethane resin that is not brittle and does not have noxious fumes. Prior to painting, the item must be washed and JR Miniatures recommends Cascade Dishwashing soap or PineSol. After washing and letting dry, a primer coat should be applied and JR Miniatures recommends using Bull Dog Clear primer which is available from most automotive parts stores. Drystone is a polymer modified cement for casting detail parts. Drystone is durable and chip resistant and has a PSI of 10,000 as compared to plaster which only has a PSI of 2,000. When painting DO NOT wash and using a primer is not necessary.

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Ruined Outpost

Shield Generator

Small Generator

Small Supply Marker

Soldiers Bunk

Supply Pod

Tech Panel w/Armor

Tech Panel w/Canister

Tech Panel w/Hatch

Tech Panel w/X's

Tech Panel Wall

Trooper Supply Depot

Ventilation Station

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