Luftwaffe 1946 Miniatures - United Kingdom (1:300)

What if Word War II hadn't ended in 1945…? What if Allied Air Superiority was challenged by new Luftwaffe secret weapons…? What if the Manhattan Project had been delayed…? The historical end of the Third Reich occurred in May 1945, before the Luftwaffe could bring its advanced rocket and jet aircraft into full combat service. For over 50 years, historians have debated what could have happened if a number of events had ended differently. Ted Nomura and Ben Dunn of Antarctic Press have created a fictional world where several key events delayed the allies' victory. Fitting within the broader scope of the Families of Altered Wars fictional timeline, Luftwaffe 1946 and Kamikaze 1946 describe WW II in the air from the view of pilots on all sides in the conflict. Now you can participate in the missions and aerial combats of their world.

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