#234 "Vampire Counts, Knights of Blood, Mercenary Generals"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #201 - #250

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#234 "Vampire Counts, Knights of Blood, Mercenary Generals"
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The Dawn of the Living Dead: So the Warhammer Armies Vampire Counts finally emerges from the murky depths of the darkness, and the question on everybody's lips is 'what's changed for the Undead?' In this article Tuomas Pirinen explains the thought processes behind the book and sheds some light upon the unstable minds of the games developers...

Creatures of the Night: The Warhammer Armies Vampire Counts book lists a whole host of terrifying new troop types. Alessio Cavatore presents this guide to all the troops available to Undead commanders, so whether you are an experienced Undead commander or a complete novice, there will be something new for you here...

Wings of Darkness: At first glance commanding a Vampire Counts army can seem like a daunting proposition - all those Skeletons and Zombies with low Weapon Skill and no march move. However, when commanded properly, the Undead are a highly effective and terrifying force to face...

Burning Rubber: Now the traitorious Chaos Space Marines have their brand new bikes to race towards the enemy, we thought it was about time for an article on using bikes in general…

Chapter Approved: Questions & answers, new rules, Tzeentch summoning and the Grey Knights - a secretive Chapter created to fight the forces of Chaos…

De'Aynes Fighting Ships of the Gothic Sector: A brief treatise on Ork vessels known to have taken part in the conflict…

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