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#211 "The Battle of the Vampire Coast, The Living Dead Return, Epic 40k Battle Tracker"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #201 - #250

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#211 "The Battle of the Vampire Coast, The Living Dead Return, Epic 40k Battle Tracker"
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White Lions of Chrace: Following on from the release of the High Elf book, Tuomas fills us in on this month's releases, which are the White Lions, their heroic captain, Korhil, and the new Tiranoc Chariot…

The Battle of the Vampire Coast: In the wake of Warhammer Armies High Elves and the new Circle of Blood Warhammer Campaign pack, Tuomas and Andy have created a special scenario which pits the High Elves against an Undead host…

Return to Thorskinson's Island: Summer is here and that means the campaigning season, so sharpen your blade, string your bow and don your armour to face the horrors of Thorskinson's Island. Rick dons his shades and tropical shirt to get into the spirit of the mysterious isle, and explains the Warhammer Campaign set across its golden beaches and sandy coves...

Sisters of Battle: Foremost amongst the fanatical warriors of the Ecclesiarchy are the Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas. They constantly guard Humanity against the vile hordes of Chaos, the insidious threat of heretics and the assaults of heathen aliens…

Waaagh! 'Ere Come Da Orks: For all you budding Ork Warlords out there, this month sees the arrival of the entire range of Epic 40,000 Ork miniatures. Having fought using the Orks on many occasions, Andy Kettlewell has some tactical advice to get your Waaagh off to a flying start…

Green Tide Rising: In our last Epic 40,000 battle report, back in issue 208, Jervis and Andy fought out an historical refight from the Epic 40,000 Battles Book, Gogard's Last Stand. This time Andy and Gav agreed to fight out one of the battle scenarios, an Escalating Engagement…

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