Vessel Compendium #2 - Pursuit Class

By: I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Space Master (2nd Edition)

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Vessel Compendium #2 - Pursuit Class
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Patrolling the trade routes and the approaches to many of the galaxy's riches are the smuggler's bane — the Pursuit Class.

Ranging from the incredibly fast and maneuverable Pursuit TMACs (Two Manned Attack Conveyances) to the overwhelmingly powerful Heavy Pursuit Cruisers, these starcraft are often the only major obstacle to an unregulated profit, both on the Frontier and within the Imperium. Be very careful when you encounter a Pursuit vessel; it may be a tool of one of the Major Houses, it may be one of the raiders of the League of Merchants, or perhaps just a pirate craft out to make a little profit.

For use with either your Space Master: The Role Playing Game campaign or Space Master: Star Striker battles, this compendium includes the stats for:

• 8 MMACs: Pursuit, Fast, Missile, Attack, etc.
• 7 Cutters: Light, Medium, Heavy, Stealth, etc.
• 6 Gunboats: Fast Attack, Medium, Heavy, etc.
• 4 TMACs: Pursuit, Stealth, Medium, & Heavy
• 2 Destroyers: Fast & Pursuit
• 3 Cruisers: Light & Heavy Pursuit
• 1 Blockade Runner
• 1 Free Trader
Also included are:
• 3 Optional Pods for Payload Pallets
• 2 Complete Space Master: RPG Adventures
• 11 Scenarios and Mini-adventures for use with the ships in this product
• 65 Full-color Counters

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