#232 "Battlefleet Gothic, Collecting a Lizardmen Army, Chaos Rhino"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #201 - #250

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#232 "Battlefleet Gothic, Collecting a Lizardmen Army, Chaos Rhino"
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Collecting a Lizardman Army: The Lizards are back! With the release of the new Lizardmen characters, we thought we would have a little look at how to put together a Lizardmen army…

Jungle Fever 3: Nick Davis is still knee-deep in strangely shaped polystyrene & PVA glue, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (just as soon as he builds one!)…

Fighting with Cold Blood: A regular contributor to White Dwarf, Mike Walker is a veteran Warhammer player, and has fought with and against Lizardmen armies dozens of times. This month he shares his thoughts on using scaly ones…

Regiments of Renown: This issue Nigel Stillman delves through the writings of the ancients and uncovers Tichi-Huichi's Raiders. This mercenary Skink regiment fights for a very different reason - they are on a sacred mission from the Old Ones themselves!

Chapter Approved: This issue's Chapter Approved includes new grenades to throw around, a Q&A section to clear up some of your common WH40k problems and Sacred Rites for the Sisters of Battle…

De'Aynes Fighting Ships of the Gothic Sector: A brief treatise on ships known to have taken part in the conflict…

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