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Aftermath! (1st Printing)

Aftermath! (1st Printing)
Product Line: Aftermath!
Author: Paul Hume, Robert Charrette
Publish Year: 1980
Dimensions: 9x12x2.25"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: FGU4000-1
Type: Box Set


This edition of the AFTERMATH! game comes in a boxed set containing 3 rulebooks, an introductory scenario, a cardstock character sheet, a 3 panel cardstock reference sheet, a half sheet of light cardstock counters and a feedback sheet. All of these components are approximately 8.5" by 11" in size except the counter sheet that is approximately 4" by 11". All of the rulebooks are staple bound.

AFTERMATH! provides a solid basic play mechanic. Rules are provided for modern firearms, NBC weapons and protections, mutations, survival, high technology and more. The game is structured to allow the referee to decide the nature of the holocaust that destroyed the world in which play will occur.

In AFTERMATH! The referee creates a world in which civilization as we know it has collapsed. The cause of the collapse could be war, natural disaster, ecological disaster or even invasion by aliens! Into this setting come the characters designed by the players. They will explore the world, try to rebuild from the ruins or simply attempt to survive. In the aftermath of any disaster some will not die. With this game you can write the story of those who overcome the odds.