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Twilight - 2000 (1st Edition)

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Twilight - 2000 (1st Edition)
by GDW
Product Line: Twilight - 2000
Author: Frank Chadwick
Publish Year: 1984
Dimensions: 9x11.25x1.25"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148865056
Mfg. part #: GDW0500
Type: Box Set


TWILIGHT: 2000 is a complete role-playing system for survival in a devastated post-holcaust world. Rules cover character generation, living off the land, encounters, combat, skills and skill improvement, medicine, vehicles, ammunition, trade and much more.

The combat rules are a major breakthrough. One general combat resolution procedure covers all types of combat: hand-to-hand, melee weapons, small arms fire and fire against armored vehicles. Once the basic three-step combat sequence is understood (Did you hit? Where did you hit? How hard did you hit?), combat is quick and easy to resolve, but the wide range of weapons values keeps the system rich in detail.

The background to the war is covered in detail, and extensive material on the state of the world is included to assist the referee. The beginning adventure is actually a campaign and is the most complete adventure of its type to appear in a role-playing game. It not only gets you playing quickly, it provides many gaming sessions worth of encounters and andventures and then easily blends into your own campaign.