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#15 "Princes in Peril!"

#15 "Princes in Peril!"
Publish Year: 1991
Pages: 56
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.18"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine



Armageddon Begins (cleared by Draconis Combine Mustered Forces Information Bureau)
Gone To Ground, a combat memoir
Reflections of Battle, a combat memoir from the Cobalt Coil
BattleTechnology News Service
News From The Front: Buying Time With Lives, Princes in Peril, Chancellor Liao Forgives
BattleTechnology, The Mercenary in Mid-Century, part 2
BattleTechnology Presents: Allison MechWarrior Academy Choice for the Best Assault Mech: The Ventilator BattleMech
Unit Update - The First Kathil Uhlans, The Lions of Davion
BattleTac - The Gan Singh Campaign
BattleTac - Fighting in Caves
BattleMechanics - Thornhill Arms: more handy items for the Mech warrior
BattleMechanics - Technical Readout:Templar BattleMech
BattleMechanics - Technical Readout: Centurion Maximus BattleMech
BattleTechnology Census Data
Test Your Knowledge of The Inner Sphere
BattleTech Scenario: Darkfall Passage
BattleTech Scenario: Gauntlet of Fear