AADA Road Atlas #3 - The South

By: Steve Jackson Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Car Wars - AADA Road Atlases & Map Packs

Last Stocked on 12/15/2021

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AADA Road Atlas #3 - The South
David Bowden
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The South is the third volume of an ambitious project by your American Autoduel Association. The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide will tell you everything you need to know about each region, including the roads, politics, police, tourist attractions, and even the best restaurants and truck stops.

Find out the real story behind:

The Confederate Commando Corps, an Arkansas-based group dedicated to the return of the "glory days" of the South.
South Carolina's Governor-For-Life Charles Jordan. Is he a hated tyrant, or the region's last hope for stability?
The Goremongers, a cycle gang that controls a large chunk of Alabama.
Los Disneys, the new capital of Florida.
and more . . .

But The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: The South is more than just an atlas of the South. It also features:

A complete rundown on criminal gangs of every type, from rag-tag street gangs to disciplined cycle marauders, and even the Mafia!
Campaign guidelines for GURPS Autoduel GMs, with advice for setting an adventure in any part of the South.
Mini-adventures for GURPS or Car Wars, each set in a different part of the region.
"Intrigue in Los Disneys," a complete adventure for GURPS Autoduel. Florida Governor Bart Lesion fiddles while Rome burns; his people live in squalor while he uses their tax money to expand his fine art collection. When you are recruited to end the governor's reign "with extreme prejudice," are you saving thousands of lives, or are you just a pawn in a bigger, deadlier game?

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