Red Dwarf - The Roleplaying Game

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Red Dwarf - The Roleplaying Game
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The universe is vast, and you have no clean socks. If Earth is a small coin on your dining table, then you are somewhere over here - just outside Guam. That is to say, you're a long way from home (unless you live in Guam, in which case... oh, just bear with the analogy). In all likelihood, you are the last of your species, or close to it. Your companions are a bizarre collection of losers, drifters, madmen... even accountants! Well, probably not accountants. This isn't a horror game, after all, but you get the idea. Before you start shaking your head and muttering, "but I already hang out with losers, drifters and madmen," just remember these are wholly and entirely different losers, drifters and madmen... in space.

Red Dwarf features:
• An intuitive character generation system, including odd personality quirks
• Integrated XPG system that supports the setting, not vice versa
• "Self-test" skill mechanics
• Skill-based character improvement
• Easy-to-learn combat system
• All the popular, and not so popular, worlds, creatures and items found in the TV series
• Supported at its source, with graphics, adventures and supplements, fiction and forum interaction

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