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#1 "6 AD&D Adventures"

#1 "6 AD&D Adventures"
by TSR
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 1986
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine



The Dark Tower of Cabilar
by Michael Ashton and Lee Sperry
A vampire has the royal crown—and you've got to get it back. An AD&D adventure for 4–8 characters of 4th–7th level.

Assault on Eddistone Point
by Patricia Nead Elrod
What happened to the signal tower? What waits for you in the misty mountains? An AD&D adventure for 3–5 characters of 1st–3rd level.

Grakhirt's Lair
by John Nephew
The leader of a norker uprising is free. Go find him! An AD&D adventure for 4–8 characters of 1st–3rd level.

The Elven Home
by Anne Gray McCready
A brief encounter with an unusual dwelling. A Basic D&D adventure for 1–4 characters of 1st–3rd level.

Into the Fire
by Grant and David Boucher
The solution to a 15-year-old mystery lies in a volcanic mountain range. The last force sent in was destroyed. You're next. An AD&D adventure for 6–10 characters of 6th–10th level.

Guardians of the Tomb
by Carl Smith
A silent forest, a lonely shrine, and no survivors. An AD&D adventure for 2–6 characters of 3rd–5th level.