#5 "Morrow Project Report, Potions Perilous, All That Glitters"

By: Judges Guild

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Product Line: Pegasus Magazine

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#5 "Morrow Project Report, Potions Perilous, All That Glitters"
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This issue includes the first installments of four columns, "Gateway Quadrant" by Dave Sering, "Morrow Project Report" by Bill Pixley, and "Screen Scens' and "magik Tomes" by C.J. Henderson. "The Vile File" by Will Faust also begins this issue, and the second "Hanging Out in the CityState" by edward R.G.Mortimer, features a party at the Slave Master's Guild. William Hamblin presents a short history lesson in "The Origin of the Black Arts". Gerald Seypura gives us another Skull and Crossbones scenario, "Adventure of the Devil's Luck". Sea adventures continue in this issue's Guildmember Installment, "The Quest for the Silver Empress" by Clayton Miner and with an enchanting poem by Diane Mortimer and 13 entitled, "Mermaid Memories". Roy Cram further details the effects of magical potions in "Potions Perilous". the Christmas adventure is a whimsical piece, "Te Saving of Kris Kringle" by Bart Hughes. The question of Christianity and FRP is further explored in Dr. Robert M. Price's article, "The Crusade Against Fantasy Role Playing". Fiction ni this issue includes the last of Bill Paley's "A Trip to the Underworld" and Edward M. Vaughn's intriguing tail, "Triple Entente". As usual , we present you with "A Stroll Through the Marketplace" by 13 and Joseph Weingand, "Convention Compendium", "All That Glitters", and "... and Things That Go Bump in the Night".

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