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Hillwood Camp

By: Breaker Press

Type: Softcover

Product Line: DCC RPG (Breaker Press)

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Hillwood Camp
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Hillwood Camp is a DCC RPG compatible encounter location for any number of characters levels 0-4th. The first half of the zine details the NPCs and encounter locations within the camp. The second half of the zine is a collection of encounters, including training encounters for woodsy PCs, and random encounters for PCs traversing the region.

This zine details 9 camp encounter locations and 3 detailed NPCs that drive the drama in the camp. Each NPC has their own table of rumors and opinions. with 30 total rumors to be uttered from their lips. Additionally, there are 7 "tests" which are training encounters for woodsy PCs to help transition them from 0-level peasants to experienced outliers, rangers, and other survivalist type PCs. This zine begins with an overview of the camp's rules and superstitions. It ends with two wandering monster charts and a Hillwood name generator with a note on naming conventions for creating your own names on the fly.

This zine is a companion to The Precipice of Corruption, The Protectorate of Jenulane, The Stennard Courier Vol. 1, Cleft in the Mangled Hills, and Wide-eyed Terror Zine. Each of these adventures is connected to the humble town of Stennard, and the NPCs in this zine reference those connections. This gives you the option to add additional depth to those adventures, or to use it as a stand alone town for your own.

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