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Cockleshell Heroes - Operation Frankton December 11, 1942

By: High Flying Dice Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games w/Mounted Counters

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Cockleshell Heroes - Operation Frankton December 11, 1942
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Cockleshell Heroes is a solitaire play game portraying Operation Frankton. Operation Frankton was a commando raid on ships based in the German Occupied French port of Bordeaux during the Second World War. The raid was carried out by a small unit of the Royal Marines known as the “Royal Marines Boom Patrol Detachment”, who were part of a combined operations transported by the submarine, HMS Tuna.

Twelve men would then paddle during the night to Bordeaux harbor. On arrival they would attack the docked cargo ships by attaching limpet mines to the ships’ hills. The Royal Marines would then escape overland through occupied France to the neutral Spain. Men from Number One Section of the Royal Marines were selected for the raid, including the commanding officer, Herbert “Blondie” Hasler.

Only two of the ten other cockleshell crews who paddled away from HMS Tuna in the night survived the raid.

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