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Mandelbrot Set

By: Exalted Funeral

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Role Playing Games (Exalted Funeral)

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Mandelbrot Set
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MANDELBROT SET is a campaign kit for FIST, designed to be used alongside the core rules. This campaign kit revolves around a scientific disaster: when a military experiment goes wrong, a sizable area of rural Nevada is turned into a shifting amalgamation of parallel universes dubbed the Fractal Zone. The project's lead scientist, trapped within his own experiment, has contacted FIST for help. The players have three objectives: infiltrate the Fractal Zone, rescue Doctor Okonkwo from the Facility at its center, and destroy the Transdimensional Resonator before the Army makes matters worse in a misguided attempt to control the fallout. This campaign kit provides maps, locations, characters, enemies, traits, and items your play group can use to assemble their own version of Mandelbrot Set.

This book is also designed with reusability in mind, using the multiverse as a vehicle to cover a wide array of stats and situations for running your own FIST campaigns.


  • PERILOUS HEXCRAWLING - Use twenty distinct locations, from haunted Spanish missions to Atlantean tactical relay points, to construct multiple versions of the Fractal Zone. Consult the Corruption Meter as you navigate a dangerous hexmap locale which changes each time you play.
  • THRILLING INFILTRATION - Breach Facility Zero and explore an ever-shifting menagerie of opportunities and obstacles, including the convenient Mercenary Dispensary vending machine and the abominable Doctor Phalange. Once you're inside, use the Fractal Combatant tables to summon horrible mutliversal chimeras and pit them against your players.
  • COLORFUL CHARACTERS - Rescue six survivors from the Facility: mad scientists, uncooperative soldiers, and a particularly unlucky janitor. Your primary target is Doctor Okonkwo, who may have been replaced by a post-apocalyptic wizard or modern-day Roman by the time you get there.
  • MAGNIFICENT MECHANICS - Fall victim to six new Fractal Traits, nightmarish status effects/superpowers which only exist inside the Zone. Manage NPCs who CHOKE when exposed to mortal danger, each with a unique reaction to no-win situations. Track down all ten Collectibles, unique anomalous artifacts which only appear in response to specific narrative triggers. Keep it all together with a Campaign Sheet, a character sheet for the story itself.

    Created by CLAYMORE
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