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Pirate Borg (Collector's Edition)

By: Limithron

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Pirate Borg

Last Stocked on 3/20/2023

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Pirate Borg (Collector's Edition)
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There is a Darkness upon the sea. These tranquil islands betray the horrors that have unfolded in the Dark Caribbean, and a constant state of war has spawned a new breed of outlaw: The Pirates.

…But fouler things than ben plague these waters. Hordes of undead, Ships of bone and flesh. Nameless terrors lurking in the deep. But not the Devil himself can save a man from his own greed.

  • A self-contained scurvy-ridden, rules light, art heavy RPG based on and compatible with Mork Borg.
  • Inspired by history, fantasy, horror, and rum.
  • 8 PC classes with 10 ancient relics, 10 arcane rituals, weapons, equipment, and backgrounds.
  • 90+ monsters and NPCs.
  • 90+ system-agnostic tables for treasure maps, quests, random pirates, carousing, maritime travel, wild islands, derelict ships, and more.
  • Simple hex-based naval combat with stats for 18 different boats, ships, and forts.
  • “The Curse of Skeleton Point”, an introductory, sandbox adventure and location guide.
  • Includes a fold-up double-sided treasure map of Black Coral Bay and The dark Caribbean.
  • Generally suitable for ages 16 and up.
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