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Over the Troll Bridge (Kickstarter Edition)

By: Creature Curation

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Over the Troll Bridge

Product Info

Over the Troll Bridge (Kickstarter Edition)
Product Line
Brian Colin, Wyatt Colin, Ruby Colin
Publish Year
NKG Part #


Welcome to Magick City.

The shifting metropolis known as Magick City is a place of wonder. The districts and neighborhoods within its domain are influenced by all of the wonderful worlds Magick City’s bridges connect to. With each bridge taking trolls to new and exciting lands, it is no wonder that the city is so diverse.

Along with the districts constantly changing from unique cultural inspirations, they also move and shift as power is diverted to keep the city afloat.

Below the city, massive well-oiled turbines perpetually lift the floating metropolis from the lava underneath it. To keep these mechanical beasts in constant operation, engineers must feed their never-ending hunger with loot melted down by the Forge.

Over the Troll Bridge is a minimalist OSR (Old School Renaissance) inspired RPG for 2-7 players by Brian, Wyatt, and Ruby Colin with art by Carey Drake.

Over the Troll Bridge is a narrative roleplaying game of high adventure. It is rules light focusing on collaborative storytelling with simple d20 and d6 mechanics. As few as two people can play, but it often works best with a group of three or more.

One person takes on the role of the Referee. Everyone else will create and play a troll in a group called a troupe. The troupe of trolls go on quests in unknown lands and works together to bring back as much loot as possible.

Kickstarter Edition includes two sheets of character tokens.

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