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Alpenzian (Japanese Edition)

By: Fukuroudou

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Game (Fukuroudou)

Product Info

Alpenzian (Japanese Edition)
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
6 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 5 Players
Game Length
10 - 60 Minutes


At the base of a mountain grows the blue flower "Alpenzian". Let's have flowers on the mountain and sheep at the houses, while laying rails to link people in villages with the most prosperous village being named after the flower Alpenzian.

Alpenzian is a reimplementation of the game Sunflower Valley, with this re-design originating from the Japanese publisher's discussions with designer Wouter van Strien. In addition to changes in the components, such as an original die with icons and different player sheets with new patterns to allow players to adjust the balance of the game, the gameplay has changed, with updated scoring rules and added variant rules for solitaire play.

In more detail, Alpenzian incorporates dice-drafting and drawing systems into a fun game. Draw pictures on your player sheet according to the icons on your chosen dice rolls, and gradually build up your village with flowers on the mountains and rails linked all over the place. After all the players have filled their player sheets (i.e., their villages), they tally their score, which depends on the combinations of icons.

Aside from the score, it is most important for each player to complete and build their wonderful village. You are free to draw however you like, according to each icon. Let's see how you can build your one and only village creatively!

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