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Sam Barrett
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Welcome to the Moon...

ALBEDO is a tabletop roleplaying game about dangerous people doing dangerous work on the most dangerous fringes of humanity. One player will take on the role of the referee, determining the jobs, setting the stakes, and moving the characters. The rest will take on the role of mercenaries waging a careful, delicate war between multiple competing factions on the moon's surface.

The game is set in an alternate-history version of the Cold War, where conflict between the superpowers of Earth spilled over onto the surface of Luna. The setting is committed to creating scenarios and sci-fi concepts that feel realistic and probable, while still leaving enough room for players to be creative with their characters and backstories.

The game uses Luke Gearing's Violence system to ensure that conflict is fast and deadly. A simple d20 roll is enough to determine most things, and combat can end in just a few exchanges of gunfire. A single well-placed round can kill, and player characters aren't immune. You'll need to play smart if you're ever hoping to see Earth again.

In addition to a complete set of rules, the game also features Bidding War, a sample job, ensuring that there's little to no prep time between reading the book for the first time and being ready to play.

An Exalted Funeral Exclusive!

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