Illuminati Coins

By: Steve Jackson Games

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Product Line: Illuminati

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Illuminati Coins
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Join the conspiracy! From the makers of Illuminati, the classic game of secrets, corruption, and The Truth, comes this set of custom metal coins that work with any game . . . or may be used for any number of other nefarious purposes including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Bribing the local authorities.
  • Gaining entrance into the next meeting of the Secret Masters.
  • As currency in a game of GURPS Illuminati (you'll want many sets of coins so that your character can be wealthy).
  • Clinking and clanking against the table to drive your opponents insane during a chess match.
  • As sanity tokens when playing Cthulhu Dice (three sets of Illuminati Coins required, or just make your enemies use the glass stones while you use these fantastic coins).
  • Casually leave them lying on your desk to distress the innocent.
  • Snag two dozen sets and replace the money chits in your Illuminati set with these hefty, metal coins.
  • BONUS: Get 1,000 sets and be the envy of your friends as you swim in a tub of Illuminati Coins
  • Includes three purple 19mm Eye-in-Pyramid dice. Use them wisely.
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