Astoundingly Awesome Tales #1

By: Modiphius Entertainment

Type: Module

Product Line: Fallout Wasteland Warfare (32mm)

MSRP $27.00

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Astoundingly Awesome Tales #1
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You want a peaceful life, full of fun, laughter, and care-free living? You want a white picket fence and inviting the neighbors round for a pool party? You want modern living and conveniences, with friendly robots and cute critters? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place!

The Wasteland is a hip shooting, rough riding, danger around every corner kind of place, and you have only your (semi) trusted allies to help. It’s death gauntlets and killer cyborgs. It’s planting a flag for you and yours and raiding the resources of them and theirs. It’s high-octane, all-out war for even a scrap of usable land. It’s ruined cities, it’s desolate wastelands, it’s military bases and patched settlements.

This expansion includes:

  • 15 new scenarios each with a unique flavor for your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop experience, designed around the traits and styles of your favorite factions. Each scenario can be played individually or grouped together into five 3-part mini campaigns.

  • Themed scenarios for Survivors, Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel, Raiders and the Institute help build new storytelling experiences.

  • Curated decks and events build the world around your game to bring it to life in the larger wasteland.

  • 6 regional tables embed your games in the world of Fallout, making each game feel like the region you're fighting over. Including suggestions for battlegrounds in locations such as: Abandoned Transit Systems, Pre-War Military Bases, and of course the Desolate Wasteland.

  • 12 background and theming tables for your force to expand your own narrative experiences.

  • Access to the rules, dice, and material found in the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Two-Player Starter Set is necessary to make full use of this expansion.
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