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Three-Wizard Conundrum, The (Free RPG Day 2022)

By: Goodman Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Fifth Edition Fantasy (Goodman Games)

Last Stocked on 2/1/2023

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Three-Wizard Conundrum, The (Free RPG Day 2022)
Michailo Tesic
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A Level 3 adventure

Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s fist fantasy role playing game, ad is ready to play in your home campaign.

What do adventurers do between adventures? Why, they get themselves involved in more adventures, of course! As your party is winding down in a tavern, word comes that not one, not two, but three mighty wizards are in town, each looking for a band of capable adventurers to retrieve a fabled ring of wizardry. But the task is said to be perilous – and what sort of horrible peril could it be, when even such mighty wizards need to enlist the help of adventurers?

Whichever of the three wizards you choose as your patron – or even if you try to play them against each other or get a reward from more than one of them – your trek will lead you to a place where magic once almost died, in search of a secret hidden from mortal eyes for millennia – and for good reason. But the mountain holds some surprises not even the wizards are aware of…

The Three-Wizard Conundrum is a 5E adventure offering plenty of chance for roleplaying and diplomacy for both the players and the DM, as well as ample opportunity for some memorable combat encounters. The module is suitable for a group of 3rd or 4th level characters and can be easily inserted into almost any ongoing campaign.

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