Sandbox Adventures Vol. 1

By: Headless Hydra Press

Type: Softcover

Product Line: D&D 5E Supplements (Headless Hydra)

Last Stocked on 8/19/2022

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Sandbox Adventures Vol. 1
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Being the GM is rewarding but it’s also a lot of hard work. With this twelve-adventure collection for 5th Edition, you can spend just 20-30 minutes preparing an adventure for game night that your players will love and that you can drop into the campaign that you’re already running.

You can also use this book to run one-shot adventures and it also has guidance on linking them together into a campaign. Many adventures include mechanics and guidance for wilderness exploration to help players experience that feeling of awe in exploring a strange and magical world. It also includes original monsters that will surprise and terrify even seasoned players.

This collection for Fifth Edition includes Within the Cursed Mine, The Last Stand Tavern, Hunted on the Snow Barrens, Horror Beneath the City, Tomb of the Forgotten, Monster at the End of the Nightmare, Lair of the Goblin King, Mystery in Blackthorn Keep, Secret of the Sunspear, Lost in the Caligo Fields, Attack on Broad Apple Farm, and The Vanishing Bandit Fortress.

Contains 200 pages of content, 12 adventures ranging from 1st-7th level, 18 original monsters, dozens of NPCs, new magical weapons and potions, a new playable race, and is loaded with beautiful full color art throughout. Each adventure includes a plug-and-play section detailing how to connect it to your own campaign and is designed to be as easy to run as possible for the GM.

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