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Blucher - Rule Book

By: Honour

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: War Game - Blucher

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Blucher - Rule Book
Product Line
Sam Mustafa
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Blucher is a tabletop game of the great battles of the Napoleonic Wars. Command an entire army from the first reconnaissance of the enemy to the deployment of forces and husbanding of reserves to the bombardment and engagement, and the final commitment of elite shock forces that will shatter the enemy's weary defenders.

Blucher can be played with miniature figurines and terrain or with "unit cards" on any flat surface. You may in fact use both in the same game, since the cards provide a wonderful "fog of war" that conceals your forces until they are close enough to the enemy to be identified and represented with miniature figurines.

The basic game is a compact introduction to Napoleonic warfare for two players to complete in less than three hours on a modest sized table.

The full advanced game include:

  • Large Battles and multiplayer games.
  • A complete army and battlefield creation system for fictional scenarios, including nine army lists.
  • Scharnhorst: a campaign system that is used to set up unique tabletop battles.
  • Guidelines for players who want to create their own historical scenarios from famous battles.
  • Detailed rules for things like national differences between armies, the personalities of subcommanders, and many traits and attributes of different unit types.
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