Between the Skies Vol. 1

By: Exalted Funeral

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Role Playing Games (Exalted Funeral)

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Between the Skies Vol. 1
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Explore the Spheres and Planes as an oozing elemental, a flowering plant or a daemonic cephalapod!

Between the Skies is a cosmic fantasy game of travel and exploration across endless worlds. It is also a set of system-neutral, modular procedures, tables and methods that can help spark your imagination in any game of weird fantasy adventure. It will be released in four volumes over the course of 2022.

Between the Skies, Volume 1 lays out the core principles of play and outlines character generation. It introduces a fluid, fiction-first approach to role-playing based on shared judgment, without reference to a single, static set of rules. It also provides all you need to generate strange and wonderful characters to venture forth into equally strange and wonderful worlds. A single volume digital version of Between the Skies is available for free download at the link below, and can be used together with the print volumes.

Inside you will find...

  • Role-playing grounded in a common understanding of a shared imaginary world, rather than a set system of rules
  • Life path character generation. Procedures for creating your character by traveling the Planes and Spheres, and maybe dying!
  • Dozens of additional tables for generating your character's friends, enemies, powers, skills, equipment and other important details.
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