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Chaos Rising 2 - Into the Abyss (5e)

By: Frog God Games

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Chaos Rising 2 - Into the Abyss (5e)
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In Chaos Rising, the adventurers traveled through time, entered the Dwurschmiede Citadel, and joined a dwarven war between the followers of Dwurfater and an army of Orcus. They joined the Cabal of the Beard, took down the Brotherhood of the Ooze, and narrowly escaped the clutches of the drow Mandan and the Silver Eyes. After this, the heroes fought a tripartite battle against Juiblex the Faceless Lord and Imbo the Undying. In the end, Good triumphed, Evil lost, and the heroes were richly rewarded. Probably.

Chaos Rising 2: Into the Abyss, designed by J. Collura (author of Chaos Rising), follows up on the original adventure. The characters are approached by mighty beings charged with keeping a balance in the cosmos. These agents seek assistance in stopping lunatic forces who wish to end all of existence. Can your heroes save the multiverse again? Chaos Rising 2: Into the Abyss is a Tier 4 adventure in 5e for four to six characters.

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