Razor Coast - Bundle Pack (w/PDF's) (Swords & Wizardry)

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Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Razor Coast (Swords & Wizardry)

3 books

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Razor Coast - Bundle Pack (w/PDF's) (Swords & Wizardry)
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This is a Bundle for the following items:

  • Razor Coast: Under the heat of the salted sun, along a pirate-riddled coast bloated fat with forgotten riches and forbidden secrets, the subjugation of the native tribes awakens long banished horrors.
  • Freebooter’s Guide: This sourcebook for dark heroic swashbuckling and terror in the Age of Sail contains new races, new archetypes, new core classes, new prestige classes, new spells, new feats, new equipment, new magic items, unique animal companions and more. All flavored to sail you into a fantastical, tentacle and gore-filled, pirate-packed Hawaii that never was. With additional material specific to the Razor Coast mega-campaign including new organizations, religions, details on Port Shaw – the adventurers’ home base – and a history of the Razor Sea. You decide the fate of the Razor! “There’ll be blood by the bucket-full, boyos!” Captain Bethany Razor Page count: 96 Hardback
  • Heart of the Razor: Winner of the 2014 Silver ENnie award for Best Adventure! The Heart of the Razor includes four adventures:

    • Jungle Fever by Owen KC Stephens
    • Angry Waters by Richard Pett Angry
    • Sinful Whispers by Tom Knauss
    • The Black Spot by Gary McBride
  • [PDF Only] Razor Coast Map: Map of the Razor Coast Region. Please contact our customer service department for access to digital content after your order has been placed.
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