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Game Master Toolkit

By: Elf Lair Games

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Product Line: Night Shift

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Game Master Toolkit
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This gatefold 4 panel screen printed on sturdy board in a classic, old-school style features an easy reference to all of the important rules for the Night Shift: VSW role playing game, including the Gritty, Realistic, and Cinematic options from the core rulebook to speed up play and shield your notes and secrets from your players.

In addition, it comes with a GM Toolkit booklet which includes an introductory adventure set in the Night World introduced in A Faustian Dilemma. The booklet also includes a complete streamlined set of rules for play, plus pre-generated characters and the information you need to raise them all the way to level 3.

This enables you to play the game with nothing but this package for 3 levels! Whether you continue on with one of our adventure modules or make up your own stories is up to you. Whether as an extra set of rules at the table or a taster of the game, this is an invaluable resource for Night Shift: VSW Game Masters.

Get started battling the forces of the night today!

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