Dungeons - Useless Ideas

By: Philip Reed Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Role Playing Games (Philip Reed Games)

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Dungeons - Useless Ideas
Philip Reed
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NKG Part #


NOTE: This is a 29.44 x 15.72 inches full-color.

The classic adventuring environment, the dungeon is the place where heroes cut their teeth, learning quickly that opening every closed door without first checking for traps isn’t the best way to survive and explore a second dungeon. Welcome to Dungeons, Useless Ideas, a random collection of bad ideas for those days when you – the gamemaster – simply don’t care. This title is packed with information that will prove to be as unnecessary and worthless as anything that I have ever created. You’re welcome.

  • Random encounters. Random encounters, yeah
  • What’s behind the door? 1d10 terrible ideas for what the PCs may find when they open a locked door in the dungeon.
  • More dungeon encounters. If you dare, flip to the second page and you’ll find more worthless ideas.
  • 3d6 dungeon inhabitants. Where the other tables feature all sorts of things, this one is only living creatures and characters.

    And that’s it! Please don’t be too upset that this work sucks.
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