Bergman Outlandish

By: Troll Lord Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Castles & Crusades - Modules & Adventures (Troll Lord Games)

Last Stocked on 6/6/2022

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Bergman Outlandish
Davis Chenault
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“No one just goes to Bergman,” is a popular saying for the town’s inhabitants.

The town of Bergman is an unusual place. It does not exist anywhere except wherever it happens to be. It moves through space and time at its leisure, as if it had a will of its own or a purpose of its own. The town can appear on any plane of existence, in any dimension, and at any time. It may stay in one place for a few moments or a few years, perhaps even decades, before moving to a new locale. The only things that do not change are its general appearance and the butte upon which it sits.

Not much is known about the origins of Bergman, who, why, or what. No one knows. There are many theories though, from celestial accident, to the town itself as a physical manifestation of some eldritch being. But no one knows, and really, no one cares.

Over the eons, Bergman became a place of refuge for wayward souls lost in the planes or weary of the world. The flotsam and jetsam of the universe drifted in from time to time, some taking up near-permanent residence, while others stayed only for a tasty meal.

Whatever their motivation, Bergman remained and remains, an outpost in the wilderness of the planes.

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