Mythic Russia (Reprint Edition)

By: Firebird Productions

Type: Softcover

Product Line: HeroQuest - Mythic Russia

Last Stocked on 5/17/2022

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Mythic Russia (Reprint Edition)
Mark Galeotti
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"Once upon a time, east of the sun and west of the moon, there was a different place, but not too different..."

Roleplaying with the HeroQuest game system in the ancient Russia of legend and folktale, a land of glittering onion-domed churches and dark, dangerous forests, home to heroes, fiends -- and the flame-feathered firebird.

Mythic Russia is an extensive 320-page standalone book, including all the rules necessary for play, as well as information on the setting, maps and scenarios. It is available as both a regular, full-size softback and also a limited edition hardback.

Mythic Russia has been written by Mark Galeotti. As well as being an academic specialist in Russian history, he has a long association with gaming and a particular understanding of the HeroQuest system, having been one of its developers and also Acquisitions Editor for Issaries, Inc. In his words, "this is unapologetically a labor of love: I have always wanted to see the magic, whimsy and horror of Russian history and folklore brought to life, and I think in HeroQuest we finally have the game system able to do it justice."

Mythic Russia uses the core game engine, adapted for play in this setting. However, it is entirely compatible with HeroQuest.

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