Ghost Hunters (20th Anniversary Edition)

By: Onyx Path Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: World of Darkness (Onyx Path Publishing)

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Ghost Hunters (20th Anniversary Edition)
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In the World of Darkness, a mortal’s first brush with the supernatural may be real — or it may be a trick of the mind. While many may not believe creatures like vampires or werewolves exist, most are willing to entertain the idea that ghosts do. Whether someone is convinced their lover is haunting them from beyond the grave, or they’re certain tragic, if not violent, deaths cause ghosts to appear, mortals assume there is an afterlife and spirits are real. Mortals are so determined to prove ghosts are real they often go to great lengths to investigate the supernatural, whether they believe in it or not.

World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters presents paranormal investigation from a mortal’s perspective. Chapters cover skeptical ghost hunters, well-organized groups, natural mediums, and their families and the equipment they use to uncover the “truth” that ghosts are real. In the World of Darkness, however, paranormal investigators may unwittingly stumble across any one of its other denizens, putting themselves (and the creatures they encounter) at risk.

Whether they’re the protagonists of a chronicle or the antagonists pursuing a wraith or one of the Kindred, ghost hunters introduce a new way to tell compelling stories using the 20th Anniversary World of Darkness games.

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