Grumble Jones Pack, The - Volume #1

By: Kansas City ASL Club

Type: Module

Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader (KCASL Club)

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Grumble Jones Pack, The - Volume #1
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K. “Kermit” Scott Mullins graces us with this pack; a selection of scenarios from the archives of his Grumble Jones Blog ( Scott has been a long-time friend and supporter of March Madness, the Kansas City ASL Club and Encircled Productions. These scenarios, selected by Scott, were originally distributed as the GJ Series. It is our honor at Encircled Productions to feature Scott's scenarios, to credit Scott's contribution to the ASL community, and to give a shout-out to the Grumble Jones Blog.

The scenarios have been cleaned up by the Encircled Productions design team and play-tested by both old and new fans of the Grumble Jones Blog. We hope you enjoy these scenarios that feature actions across all WW2 theaters, have a variety of lengths and feature some interesting SSRs.

Like most offerings from Encircled Productions, players will need a more than basic set of ASL gear, as some scenarios feature boards from Deluxe ASL, Starter Kits and Bounding Fire Productions.


  • MM74 Hänert's Line Vas’kovo, Russian, 23 July 1941. A classic Russian attack over open ground with the Germans defending in foxholes. Do not delay. Russians need to move fast. 4.5 Turns
  • MM75 Woodland Pursuit Near Bol’shoe Kosarevo, Russia , 21 April 1943. Russian Partisans come out of hiding to go on the attack and attempt to capture equipment and exit. Sneaky partisan movement, but beware the German Shepherds. 6.5 Turns
  • MM76 ILLI’s Block Ortona, Italy, 23 December 1943. The Canadians need to fight through a stiff German defense on this Deluxe Board. The Germans have some unique setup options to thwart the advancing Canadians. 5.5 Turns
  • MM77 Sake At Sunrise Mount Tenjo Road, Guam, 26 July 1944. Bolstered by sake, Japanese attempt a pre-dawn attack to infiltrate the Marine lines and capture their command/supply tent. A great introduction to Night Rules. 7 Turns
  • MM78 A Day At The Museum Arnhem, Holland, 19 September 1944. Tight street fighting action on a Deluxe Board. The British have to find the right balance of fighting or retreating. 6 Turns
  • MM79 Race For The Wolfheze Ginkel Heath, Holland, 19 September 1944. British paratroopers rush to defend crucial defensive positions around their landing zones from a rapid German response. 7 Turns
  • MM80 Roll Jordon Roll Schoenberg, Belgium, 17 December 1944. Faced with the advance of German forces the Americans have to decide whether to fight or flight. 6 Turns
  • MM81 Hanson’s Bridge Bago River, Negros, The Philippines, 29 March 1945. An intense firefight across a bridge, which the Japanese are trying to destroy, and the Americans need intact. 7.5 Turns
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