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Alfred the Great V - The Campaign for London

By: High Flying Dice Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games w/Mounted Counters

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Alfred the Great V - The Campaign for London
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In the fifth volume in the Warrior King Campaign Series, Alfred Marches to the East! Alfred’s Stunning victory at Ethandun 878AD (Volume 3 in series) led to what was a period of growth and stability for the King of the West Saxons.

In 885 a Viking army that had been active in Frankia sailed and attacked Rochester, a pivotal Town/Burh with its confluence of roads and river running through it. The Vikings of East Anglia, under Alfred’s longtime nemesis Guthrum, now saw an opportunity with their Viking Allies to strike back at their Saxon antagonists.

Lundene had been held as a defensive base by the Vikings since 871AD; by reinforcing the existing walls in the old Roman town they commanded a strategic asset which controlled the Temes River from both trading and military perspectives. If Alfred was to achieve his goal of an Anglo-Saxon England than this would have to rectified.

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