Creatures (5E)

By: Studio Agate

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Fateforge (5e) (Studio Agate)

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Creatures (5E)
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Designed by the creators of Shadows of Esteren and Fateforge, Creatures is a love letter to fantasy bestiaries. Its 400 pages detail more than 200 illustrated creatures using the 5th Edition ruleset of the most famous of roleplaying games. Its contents include 6 playable species, NPCs with related adventure hooks for all levels, reimagined classic creatures and brand new ones, as well as 15 archetypes, providing you with material to design new monsters for your games!

Here is a presentation of the book’s highlights. You can also download the table of contents to get an overview of Creatures’ contents.

  • Monsters & Adversaries. The world the PCs live in is full of dangers and strange, formidable monsters. Half of the book’s contents will surprise your players by putting a twist on fantasy classics; the other half will bring them face to face with brand new creatures, both friend and foe. A lot of the species are not evil by nature and lethal combat should not be the only option... The book is organized in thematic chapters, allowing the DM to pick creatures suited to the setting and atmosphere that suits them. Discover the creatures of the night, or those of volcanic lands!
  • Playable Species. Many species have been given cultures of their own, as rich and complex as those of humans or elves. Discover 6 new playable species: the wise and formidable ulkani, the dreamer kobolds, the axe beak-riding goblins, the bugbear keepers of sacred forests, the merchant-pirate hobgoblins, and the steppe lord orcs.
  • Legendary Creatures. Legendary creatures have also been given particular attention: all have received entirely new lair actions and regional effects, providing material and inspiration for your next scenarios.
  • Archetypes. Design one-of-a-kind monsters, drawing from 15 available archetypes, such as vampire spawn, ashen, rabid, haunted… With these archetypes, you can design memorable antagonists, such as an ezen—a horde leader—or a nemesis tailor-made for your party.
  • Animals & Predators. Animals have their own place in the world. More intelligent and with powerful variants, they are part and parcel of this book. For those who wish to play with a more gritty atmosphere, Creatures includes options for new wild predators with higher CRs, making them true, rightly feared threats. In particular, beasts can be made much more dangerous when their profiles are modified by archetypes such as haunted, ashen, or rabid!!
  • Modular system. Creatures makes use of the modular system, a collection of optional rules ranging from epic to gritty, allowing you to fine-tune the atmosphere of your campaign. Each modular rule comes with its associated icon.

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    Note that while this item was billed in the Kickstarter campaign as the "Red Dragon Edition", the cover art for this edition in fact features a Tarrasque.
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