Exodus System, The

By: Thunderegg Productions

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Role Playing Games (Thunderegg Productions)

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Exodus System, The
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The Exodus System takes classic OSR games and adds modern innovations. This book is suitable for playing sci-fi, fantasy, and all sorts of other genres. It takes inspiration from such other systems as Savage Worlds and the Cypher System.

For Players:

  • Fast Character Creation: Get a PC made in minutes
  • Versatile Options: Every character is useful at something, both in and out of combat
  • Create-a-Class: Choose a Party Role, a Combat Role, and two Flavors and you've got your custom class.
  • Support for Creativity: Do you want your Performer who focuses on Companions to be able to summon eidolons of pure sound? Go for it!

    For GMs:

  • Low-Prep Gaming: Generators for everything from quests to items, dungeons, enemies and more let you come up with campaigns on the fly. All of the tables for each generator are laid out conveniently and designed to resolve with one throw of the dice.
  • Compatible with OSR Modules: Pretty much any any adventure whose NPCs use HD in their stat blocks you can run using the Exodus System.
  • Upcoming Support: We've got lots of material in the pipeline. New monsters, new quests, and more.
    For Publishers:
  • SRD Support: This game is part of a bundle that includes the game rules in a .DOCX file for easy hacking. Just add your own setting!
  • Easy NPC Stat Blocks: No need to calculate that birdman's "Use Rope" skill. NPC blocks are compact and take seconds to write up.
  • Genre-Free: Use this setting to support anything from giant mecha to medieval pulp and anything in between.
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