Deepnight Revelation 5 - Voidshore

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Edition) - Adventures & Campaigns

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Deepnight Revelation 5 - Voidshore
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The final leg of the voyage takes Deepnight Revelation into the Voidshore, a region of space between the Great Rift and the edge of the Spiral Arm. Here, the Travellers learn the origins of the Biologicals and witness how they overrun entire worlds. Deepnight Revelation must engage in battle against a great biological starship to prevent the rapid spread of the Biologicals. The Solomani Expedition. Deep in the Voidshore the Travellers encounter a three-ship expedition from the Solomani Confederation. They say they known nothing of the Deepnight Entity, and that they are in need of assistance. The Travellers’ actions will decide if the Solomani are enemies or allies. To Terminus Point. Finally, Deepnight Revelation stands on the very edge of the Great Rift. Her goal is almost within reach; only a hazardous crossing of the rift stands in the way. The experience gained during the long voyage – and perhaps the help of new friends – will carry the Travellers to their confrontation with the Deepnight Entity. Voidshore. Mystery and adventure at the edge of the Spiral Arm.

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