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Degenesis - Rebirth Edition

By: SixMoreVodka

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Degenesis (SixMoreVodka)

Last Stocked on 2/16/2023

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Degenesis - Rebirth Edition
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General features:

  • 2x hardcover books in a slipcase | 720 pages | full color
  • Fully updated and re-edited; including errata
  • 7 cultures, 13 cults, 21 clans, 8 major enemy faction
  • Full revised backstory and rules system
  • "Primal" and "Focus" introduced as new features of the game system
  • Updated character generation system allowing new and powerful combinations between culture/concept/cult or clan
  • Over 300 illustrations by world famous artists
  • Genre defining layout and presentation


    Eshaton. That’s what they call the end of the world. The day when fire rained from the Heavens, burning the land, scorching the people. The planet trembled, heaving in pain like a feverish person in agony. And though Earth endured, it was forever changed.

    Time passed. The smoke above the great craters blew away, and people once more erected a cultural framework around their lives. Now and then, a civilization crashed down with a din – but the building blocks were reused. Botch jobs, but a new start after years of decline. The year is now 2595, 522 years since the Eshaton, and humanity has fractured itself into many Cultures and Cults.

    Which peoples, philosophies, or faiths will prevail? Those that conjure up past glory? Or those that have erected a brave new world upon the ruins of arrogance? In the craters’ shadows, something is stirring. Is there a future for Mankind at all?



  • 360 Pages, Full Color
  • Introduction into the world of Degenesis, its Cultures, Cults, and history
  • Featuring two A3 sized maps: Europe and Africa, and the Protectorate


  • 360 Pages, Full Color
  • Fully revised rule system, featuring new game concepts, improved Character Creation, flexible Ranking System, Potentials
  • Fully revised combat systems: “Primal” & “Focus”. New mechanics for enhanced group play options
  • Bazaar introduces over 130 unique Cult Weapons and Equipments, Scrapper “Slotting & Salvaging" systems, "Weapon Slots & Modifications" and much more
  • Fully revised system for using Burn and other enhancements
  • 8 Major Enemy Factions, 21 featured Clans, dozens of minor Enemies
  • Storytelling Chapter featuring tooltips and help for crafting unique campaigns in the world of Degenesis
  • Embargo establishes a unique adventure set to introduce new players to the Rebirth Edition
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